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Curvy and delicious (revised)

The majority of past intimate encounters, lovers and companions were short petite women. Most of them had proportionately baseball-sized boobs, fantastically shaped asses and fit legs due to the dancing they loved to do. So I did not have much of an idea of what I liked because all of the women up to that […]

The Last Kiss (revised)

The first time I reacted in a pleasurable way, was when I was five years old. When I became aware of my sexuality, I was about eight. The babysitter’s younger daughter was at least a couple of years older than me and was the one who showed me what sex was about. As my visits […]

Keeping up with the nympho wife

A couple of my friends mistook my wife for a teenager and half-jokingly asked if she was of legal age. I think some of my friends would like to believe I have absolutely no sexual boundaries and vicariously live through me in some twisted fantasy world of theirs. When I say “twisted”, you should hear […]

Sexy time

The idealistic will try to preach to you that “sex without love is meaningless”, but I beg to differ. Who says that people need to be in love to make sex meaningful. Friends can have sex and not be in love, with a mutual understanding and respect and still have a meaningful sex life. Then […]


Literally, as in your colon. Yes, that nasty mushy fleshy thing that your poop passes through before exiting your body. Actually no. I’m actually speaking about taking action void of mental conscience. This is one thing I seem to have the least of. It is both bad and good. I will start with the good […]