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Our New Home

Okay so I’m just testing this. Well this is going to be so strange. I hope I don’t wake up my wife. She’s sleeping in the other room. Its 4:40. Well speech to text isn’t very good. But it’s intended anyway. Like I said it’s 4:48 a.m. This is actually quite awesome. I have tendinitis. […]

Ch1: Voices – October 18, 1997

Surfing through the net, I suddenly had an urge to load a picture of Noriko Sakai, a famous Japanese singer in Japan. Anyway, I might as well tell you, I edited the picture to a highpass, exposed foreground. Very beautiful, both person and image enhancement. Anyways everytime I’m extremely bored, I would listen to one […]

Ch1: Voices – September 28, 1997

It has been some while since I did any journal entries, one thing is for sure; I bled out what was there and now only skin remains. Like a meatless shell floating in a pond full of life. I feel sick, not mentally, literally sick. Since Saturday morning, I had a cold, and a violent […]

My Book of Journals, Prologue

I looked up some super old files through some folders I have copied over from various origins and came across an old diary titled “My Book of Journals”. I read through a few entries dated late 1997 and noticed a few names, song titles and emotions that have since become shadowed by other things in […]

Diminished Kingdom

In my youth, I was pretty ‘normal’ as far as ‘geekdom’ went. There was a fence that cordoned off an area of old farmland and behind those fences were the houses near where I lived. The fence made up three long sides and the other side was opened to a road. This was 1981 to […]

The annexation of Leeman

I use to have a huge entry in here originally published February 7th, just to replace it with one word: “No.” right afterward. It was a huge entry about desires and rhetoric. I felt I was too exposed and removed the entire entry. It showed the deepest crevices of my thoughts and emotions. Things that […]

Bamboo Forest

This song is from the ‘pondering days’ of my youth. The days after lost and exposure. This was 1999. A few weeks ago, my mom shed a tear for me with a slightly whimpering voice she said in Cantonese: “You choose the hardest path, walk the toughest road, through the thickest of obstacles to achieve […]

Pedaling through the dark currents

Tune: “Pagan Poetry” by Bjork Drink: Bombay Sapphire Gin Mood: Sleepy [audio:PaganPoetry.mp3] Not too long ago, Amber and I got into an argument in which she felt I was trying to mold her into my ideal lover. I wasn’t. The issue wasn’t hers. The issue was mine. Everyone whom have followed my blog since the […]