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The Journey On

Yesterday, I had a dream, that in my waking moments, made an emotional impact on me, which unfortunately faded to a point I completely forgot about as the morning unfolded until this morning where this dream continued on, but through a different perspective. Yesterday, I dreamed that I was a part of a crew of […]

Anywhere but here

The first part of my entire dream sequence is nearly completely gone from my memory, except that it had something to do with Star Wars’ imperial naval pilots, TIE fighters, me being one of them, the scattering of the old empire and the warlords consolidating their holdings. It did not feel like a silly dream. […]

Looking for my shoulder pads

Since about three weeks ago, I went back to playing WoW with Amber and recently have been looking into Transmog sets for my Shaman and Paladin. I spent hours looking for something that fits with my Shaman and remembered something I had a long time ago that I liked. Alas, I couldn’t loot it since […]

The walled capital

Vivid dreams scare me. They translate as nightmarish to me. A cross between my brother Edmond and my cousin Brandon appeared in my dream as the person who was almost always with me. We were both at a camp site in a desert-like area. Beside us was a mountain with a flatten cliff side and […]

I broke her dark heart

This entry was due to my procrastination of a dream I had earlier today. It was probably the saddest dream I have ever had and as some of you know, most of my dreams are unfortunately extremely vivid and very detailed. When I remember them the way I do, it is because they have had […]

Into the wild

Lately, I’ve been having dreams of past flings and the ‘metaphors’ along with them. The other night, I dreamed that there were two girls in my life. One of which was apparently my girlfriend and the other was a friend with benefits. Also, one of my closer female friends apparently also knew about my friend […]

I reached her

A couple of nights ago, I had a dream where I was finally able to reach Virginia via phone calls. It had been a reoccurring nightmare for a few years after we stopped seeing each other in 2000 that every time I tried calling her, I would dial the wrong number or she would pick […]

Appreciating a brief rendezvous

I had a number of dreams this morning. I started out at a futuristic-ish city. I don’t remember much from this segment, but I attracted three much older women in their 40’s and 50’s, all married or has grown children. We were always either in a large closed store that sold wedding dresses or at […]

The Fields of Mount Fuji

Unlike most other nights and mornings, I actually went to work with about 3.5 hours of sleep. My brain isn’t functioning that well and I’m not joking this time. I actually feel quite bad right now. Regardless, I had dreams and this dream or these dreams were a bit disturbing for me. I dreamed mainly […]

Samsonite Sex

In the less than an hour of continued sleep after I dropped my dad off to work, I dreamed that I was going from my home to a place that resembled Simon Fraser University to drop off an empty Samsonite laptop case I own. It was night time and I walked past some kids who […]