Author: MisterRobot

The Honest Kiss

I finally confronted the woman whom had haunted me all of these years and we spoke truthfully with each other. It was due and it was refreshing, though through her lips, she kept hesitating as if I was a delicate snowflake that apparently needed to be coddled. I certainly did not need it, though I […]

Every day

Every day I am worried sick that my most stable client will pull the plug on our business arrangement. I charge her very little comparatively to my other work, but she has been the most stable client for the last year. Without her pay cheque, I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far. […]

Candle Lit Room

I have lived the majority of my life in a room lit by one candle. Note that this is metaphorical. ^_^ Today was such a day where I woke up and was extremely down and depressed. Stress piled up on me and I was near a breaking point. So I told my wife on Skype […]

Lost But Won

A few days ago, I watched a movie called “Rush” focused on two particular F1 racers: James Hunt and Nicki Lauda. At first, I wasn’t too impressed, though I was awed by the racing itself. It reminded me of when I was a teenager and I fantasized about being a motorcycle racer. I was in […]

How do I fit in?

A few days ago, I sent an email out asking a few of my friends if they would be interested in becoming Angel Investors for my game development company that I started with my nephew. Before I sent the email out, I spoke with my nephew predicting who might and might not be interested. In […]

The Dead Whale Shark

As I made my way passed Splithoof Crag, I stopped suddenly and looked back at the full moon. The reflection of her shown on the slightly wavering water below me. Dimly lit stars littered the night sky, diluted by the immaculate brightness of Luna. I sat there on my Black War Kodo, reminiscent on the […]