The Journey On

Yesterday, I had a dream, that in my waking moments, made an emotional impact on me, which unfortunately faded to a point I completely forgot about as the morning unfolded until this morning where this dream continued on, but through a different perspective. Yesterday, I dreamed that I was a part of a crew of […]

The Honest Kiss

I finally confronted the woman whom had bothered me all of these years and we spoke truthfully with each other. It was due and it was refreshing, though through her lips, she kept hesitating as if I was a delicate snowflake that apparently needed to be coddled. I certainly did not need it, though I […]

Our New Home

Okay so I’m just testing this. Well this is going to be so strange. I hope I don’t wake up my wife. She’s sleeping in the other room. Its 4:40. Well speech to text isn’t very good. But it’s intended anyway. Like I said it’s 4:48 a.m. This is actually quite awesome. I have tendinitis. […]

Protecting Our Friendships

More specifically, protecting the interests of the individuals that we’re bridged to. Today, I sent a short email to Spongey. Note that when I say “short”, it’s Leemanism short. ^_^ So I sent an email to her with as straight forward of a thought process as I could make it given the circumstance. Basically, removing […]

No motivation

Of course, everyone has their down days. Those who work on a routine 9-5 or even a sporadic part time job has someone to constantly keep them in check, at least in theory. Some people can get away slacking off and still get paid their wages. As a freelancer officially, I find that I am […]

I realized that I won’t go very far

The last three days had been an eye opening experience for me. These experiences don’t happen often but they do come at various points in my life thus far. This time around, I realized exactly how alike my father and I are. I am a reflection of his failures while he did whatever he did […]

Serious? Yes. Aggressive? No.

Earlier last evening, I was in a minor verbal altercation with my wife. While playing World of Warcraft, we spent a long time in Felsoul Hold finishing up some quests, mostly for her. I had some dangling remnants from a previous play time. After that, we started to do some Archaeology. After the first dig […]